Yamaha ax 592 схема

yamaha ax 592 схема
There is certainly no shortage of power here. However, the low, low price helps one overlook some its shortcomings.The overall sound is what I would call a middle ground sound — its midrange is clean, natural, with good vocal rendition, but it has performance falloffs at both extremes. Very neat, and an intelligent solution, if you’re into that kind of thing. I’m not, so I tried it and then forgot all about it. Good to have, but be judicious with the volume control. What there is is good in quality, well controlled, but lacks the weight and authority needed to drive the music along. It’s not deficient in bass, it’s just that the bass isn’t what it should be, being on the light side of things. Browse this list to find Yamaha service documentation for your model.

Information in these files can help you restore, repair, resolve, fix any Yamaha device. The treble is not offensive, but is not as clean is it should be in an audiophile product — it’s just a little better than average for a mass produced product. Into 1 ohm load, it delivered all of 478W, a peak current of 30,9 Amps! Now, that’s a healthy peak output current of some 21,4 Amps, which increases if the test signal goes below 10 msec. First I used its preamp output to drive Yamaha’s power amp section, and then Yamaha’s preamp outputs to drive Thule’s power amp section. However, looks can be deceiving — if you flip down the control panel, you’ll find the other controls.

Microdynamics Given its nominal power and price, I expected the Yamaha to require turning the volume up before it started sounding decent — fortunately, I was wrong. It sound almost exactly the same at low power and much higher up the scale, only louder. Macrodynamics As note before, the quality of sound changes very little as the volume increases. They are described as 120V/8A/80W/20 MHz devices in catalogs — not exactly generous for the given power output, I’d say.

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