Схема hold mazda familia, 1997

Особенно часто выходит из строя топливный фильтр изготовленный где-то слева, например, в Китае,Сингапуре, потому что тамошние дельцы всегда экономят на технологии производства, особенно на фильтрующей бумаге, стоимость которой составляет 30 – 60% от стоимости всего фильтра. Mazda also turned its attention to Le Mans in 1970 with rotary-powered prototypes. Instead, it was imported completely built-up from South Korea, to the annoyance of companies like Toyota, which had undergone considerable expenses to produce vehicles in Indonesia.

Only do it about halfway on to make the exhaust side easier. Instead of using the GTR’s leather interior, the lighter cloth interior of the GTX was used. This was the only generation that had the rotary engine offered. Cape Town, South Africa. 2003-09-22. ^ a b BBC Top Gear 10 Forgotten cars — Sao Penza ^ The Power Report on Automotive Marketing, Volumes 15-17, J.D. Power Associates, 1993, page 134 ^ West Africa, 29 July — 4 August 1991, page 1249 ^ «From the ashes». . The BF wagon (originally introduced in 1985) was carried over in facelifted form, although Ford marketed a wagon on the new platform as part of the North American Escort line.

The vans and pickup trucks actually soldiered on until 1978, by which time a wagon version of the succeeding FA4 Familia (323/GLC) had been introduced. The Grand Sephia has the smaller displacement engine available for that body (1.6-liter), and manual transmission. The second and third row seats could be folded and removed as on many other minivans.

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